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Inanna: Birthing Center and Family Practice

At Inanna Birth & Family Care we believe in a holistic approach to your health needs. We provide a warm and open environment for your family's journey by putting healthcare decisions back in your hands. Inanna offers prenatal, birth, postpartum, and family care. 


Our mission is to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients and become partners in the health care of families. We believe that in order to develop a successful plan for the wellness of your family, we need to get to know you. This is why we see the entire family from birth onward, in our office, in your home, or virtually. We know that your family is unique and dynamic, and individualized care is imperative to meet your needs.

*We are a vaccine-friendly practice*

Family Love

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” 



Pregnancy Care

In most cases, birthing needs little to no intervention. What a woman does need for birth is safe, supportive, certified nurse midwives and assistants that can professionally guide an expectant mom through the process.

Family Care

We believe that caring for the whole family is the best approach to healthcare. The same people that catch your baby are the same people there for you when your baby catches a cold. 


Our birthing classes help you prepare for your birth––whatever your goals are. Inspired by Ina May’s Birthing From Within, our classes take a holistic approach to the needs of expectant mothers.


The two Certified Nurse Midwives at Inanna have cumulatively birthed thousands of babies over two decades. They both have advanced degrees, and have earned numerous other qualifications, but remain steadfast in the belief that birth is a normal event until proven otherwise. Women that intend to birth at Inanna stay at Inanna. The vast majority of our deliveries never need hospital assistance. Our safety record is unrivaled with a remarkable cesarean rate of only 2.9% and an extremely low transport rate for both mother and baby.


Jean Sala Smith, MSN, APRN, CNM

Co-Owner, Midwife

Jean is a board-certified nurse-midwife through the American College of Nurse Midwives. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (1983) and a Master of Science Degree (1988) from the University of Texas at Houston.  After practicing nursing for over 11 years in labor and delivery, newborn nursery and high-risk obstetrics, Jean followed her calling to empower women through the birth process . . .

Mother and Baby


I have had 2 amazing birth experiences at Inanna Women's Center.  Both very different and beautiful in their own ways.  They have such an amazing staff and care givers there.  We wouldn't choose any other place to have our laboring experiences.

-Nicole P.

Prenatal Mediation


Every woman is different. Every birth should be approached in a way that is mindful of that fact. Our birthing classes help you prepare for your birth––whatever your goals are. Tailoring our sessions to each family’s individual goals and needs, we teach practical and actionable steps that empower you and your birth plan. Realistic pain coping techniques are explored through creative solutions as we work with a variety of expectant mothers who undergo natural, medicated, surgical births, home birth, hospital, or birth center birth. Our focus is on positive outcomes, not a one-size-fits-all model.

Our classes are based on Ina May’s Birthing From Within and take a holistic approach to the needs of expectant mothers. We help your partner develop the skills and confidence to ensure that you have a source of strength for the birth itself and postpartum. We help you prepare for postpartum and the necessary support system that is even more pressing during this pandemic.​

We offer one on one in-person classes, zoom, or hybrid zoom/in person classes. These are six sessions and are two hours each. We offer flexible scheduling and payment options.

We also offer a refresher course for families who’ve had previous births or are having a birth center birth after previously delivering at a hospital. This class is $90 and is four to five hours long.

Birth art sessions are also available by a certified birth art instructor. We explore our inner strength and go through creative problem solving to address the anxiety that surrounds birthing and parenting. (price and length?)



Zoom Sessions

In-Person / Hybrid


Where Are You Located?

1823 N Locust St, Denton, Texas 76201

Do You Accept Patients From Any Trimester?

We recognize that your birthing wishes may change as you progress in your pregnancy. Therefore, we are happy to discuss a transfer of care to our providers. Please call to schedule a consultation.

What is a Certified Nurse Midwife?

CNMs are registered nurses with graduate education in midwifery. They have graduated from a nurse-midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME). This education includes a university degree as well as hands-on clinical training by practicing CNMs. They also have passed the national certification exam of the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB). CNMs are able to prescribe a full range of substances, medications, and treatments, including pain control medications. As explained by the American College of Nurse Midwives, Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) provide care starting with a woman’s first period until after menopause, plus all the important health events in between, such as: Annual gynecologic exams
Family planning needs
Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
Care during teenage years
Care for pregnancy, labor, and birth
Menopause care There are two other types of midwives: Certified Professional Midwife and a non-certified midwife The health care services provided by CPMs are not as broad as those of CNMs. CPMs provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care for women outside of the hospital—often in birth centers or homes. CPMs are not able to prescribe most medications. Other midwives who are not certified may still be allowed to practice in some states. These midwives may or may not have formal education and have not passed a national certification exam. They may or may not be licensed. Their services are usually focused on pregnancy and birth, and they are unable to prescribe most medications.

Do You Monitor the Baby During Labor?

Evidence shows that for a low-risk pregnancy, continuous external
fetal monitoring during labor can actually increase the risk of a cesarean delivery. Our babies
are monitored with a doppler at certain intervals throughout labor, ensuring safe care while
allowing the mother freedom to move as desired.

Do You Offer Pain Management?

The best pain management is found with education, support, and confidence in the mother’s ability to birth. We use a variety of non-pharmacological pain relief measures such as massage, essential oils, heat, water, activity, and Spinning Babies principles. Sometimes, a little extra is needed, so we offer IV and oral pain medications, as well as medication for rest and anxiety.

Do You Offer Water Birth?

Yes! Our tubs are used for pain relief, birth, and herbal baths after delivery.

Do You Offer Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Birth (VBAC)?

Unfortunately we do not accept VBAC patients.

Who Can Attend My Birth?

It is recommended that the number of people who attend a birth is
limited to those who play a vital role in the delivery. This is especially important during the
COVID-19 pandemic. However, we understand that mothers feel most confident and supported when they are able to include their loved ones. Therefore, we do not exclude family, doulas, photographers, or children. We require that all people who enter the building are screened for illness and wear a mask. Laboring mothers are not required to wear a mask.

What Happens if There’s a Problem During My Pregnancy or Birth?

Midwives specialize in normal pregnancy and birth. We do not handle high-risk deliveries or high-risk pregnancies. Our midwives have extensive experience working in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings. They are highly trained in how to handle complications. However, we want to stress that birth is generally a straightforward and safe process. Most problems that develop during pregnancy or birth have clear warning signs that allow us to plan ahead. If the need ever arises that medical intervention is necessary for the health and safety of the baby and/or mother, we transfer care to a hospital. When a woman is transported to the hospital, the midwife has already contacted our physician and she alerts the Labor and Delivery staff at the hospital. The hospital is less than 10 minutes away. From then on the nurses at the hospital and our physician take over. Our midwives will follow up with your care after you have given birth. A woman that needs to transfer will not be shamed. We are Certified Nurse Midwives and our top priority is your safety. Our role as healthcare professionals prioritizes safety over our values surrounding birth.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted and Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We accept cash, check, cashier’s check, credit or debit card, HSA cards, or payments over the phone. We do offer payment plans and we recommend that you call us to discuss your needs so that we can find a plan that works for you.

Does My Insurance Cover Birth Centers?

Most insurance companies cover birth center birth and midwifery care with Certified Nurse Midwives. Please call us in order to talk about your options.

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