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Inanna’s approach to healthcare is simple. The same people that catch your baby are the same people there for you when your baby catches a cold. Education. Prenatal. Delivery. Postpartum. Family care. We're your guide for it all.



by women for women, moms for moms

Inanna got its start as a birthing center and still functions primarily as a birthing center. With over 16 years of experience, we offer a welcoming and informed atmosphere where you get to make the decisions about your pregnancy. We believe that birth is a completely normal event until proven otherwise. We’re here to educate and monitor you as you progress as well as ensure that your pregnancy and delivery are completely safe and normal.


Birth should be revered not feared. Our Certified Nurse Midwives have the experience and calming reassurance to ignite that belief in you.



because babies just don't keep

As much of a life changing experience as delivering a baby is for you, we are also profoundly touched by bringing new life into the world. We want to care for this new baby and the rest of your family as you grow. Longevity of care leads to more involved care. Consistent healthcare throughout the years for your family means that we have a greater appreciation for your healthcare needs.


  • well-child visits

  • annual exams for men, women

  • sick visits

  • school/sports physicals

  • immunizations--vaccine friendly care

  • health coaching/weight loss

  • telehealth

  • home visits

  • labwork


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by women for women, moms for moms

Every woman is different. Every birth should be approached in a way that is mindful of that fact. Our birthing classes help you prepare for your birth––whatever your goals are. Tailoring our sessions to each family’s individual goals and needs, we teach practical and actionable steps that empower you and your birth plan. Realistic pain coping techniques are explored through creative solutions as we work with a variety of expectant mothers who undergo natural, medicated, surgical births, home birth, hospital, or birth center birth. Our focus is on positive outcomes, not a one-size-fits-all model.

Our classes are based on Pam England's Birthing From Within and take a holistic approach to the needs of expectant mothers. We help your partner develop the skills and confidence to ensure that you have a source of strength for the birth itself and postpartum. We help you prepare for postpartum and the necessary support system that is even more pressing during this pandemic.


  • We offer one on one in-person classes, zoom, or hybrid zoom/in person classes. These are six sessions and are two hours each. The cost is $250 for in-person or hybrid. $200 for zoom sessions. We offer flexible scheduling and payment options.

  • We also offer a refresher course for families who’ve had previous births or are having a birth center birth after previously delivering at a hospital. This class is $90 and is four to five hours long.

  • Birth art sessions are also available by a certified birth art instructor. We explore our inner strength and go through creative problem solving to address the anxiety that surrounds birthing and parenting. 




it doesn't always come naturally

Breastfeeding can be challenging. Especially in those first few days. Though breastfeeding is natural, it is far from easy for most women. Breastfeeding takes patience, practice, commitment and support. The right support can be crucial to success. Dawn Peacock (RN,) in partnership with Inanna Birth Center, offers breastfeeding assistance and education. Dawn has an extensive 12 year record in obstetric nursing including NICU, labor and delivery team, nursery, postpartum/mother baby, breastfeeding education and birth assisting at Inanna.

  • Pre-natal assessment and education

  • Evaluate latch, positioning and effective milk transfer

  • Support parents with establishing lactation and/or resolving lactation challenges

  • Explore options available when experiencing feeding problems

  • Provide tools and recommendations to assist with establishing lactation

In home or in office options available.

Home visit: $110 for 1.5hrs
2nd visit $90 for 1.5hrs                                                
Extra $40/hr

Office visit: $90 for 1.5hrs  
2nd visit $75 for 1.5hrs                                                
Extra $40/hrs

Breastfeeding Class: $65/couple for 2.5-3hr

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